“the rose was given to me by complete strangers on one of the worst days of my life. now I’m taking it one day at a time, and i know i’ll be okay.”

— nico

“when i was coming back from the gym, i saw a rose on my car. it was a big surprise…it made my day happy and awesome. that moment was just so special to me.”

— jasmine

“I was so happy to be surprised with a rose! it definitely cheered me up. it’s so great to see such a wonderful group of students spreading sunshine in our community. keep up the good work.”

— christine

“I was surprised with a rose today in target. what a sweet random act of kindness! i’m sure i was just randomly picked out among the crowds, but little did they know, today is my 30th birthday! thanks for making my day.

— kristen

“my sister got one of these roses today and it made her so happy.”

— caroline

“i have been recently thinking of my father a lot. when i go visit his grave, i always take a purple rose with me. this means the world.”

— jasmine

“we were just finishing up lunch when a few high school students (none of whom i know) approached us. one of the girls gave us this rose and they all wished us a great day. made a terrific impression on the both of us.”

— jess

“it definitely brought a smile to my face. i plan to leave it in another store later. thank you for blooming others!”

— heather