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This world is beautifully broken. Woven in the inevitable devastations, failures, and rejections, the brokenness in all human hearts is so prevalent yet so concealed. There are shadowed layers of anxieties, embarrassments, and insecurities that we often feel too ashamed to share. We slide the white lies that we are “good” when asked how we are doing, and sneak in mediocrity when running to excellence. Throughout these intricacies of human nature, we can often forget that our joyful victories root from the same somber seeds of pain, and that with our choice, hope can shower us in freedom too.



With a mission to spread hope in the community, Blooming Others was founded on September 1, 2018. In this student-led community organization, we purchase flowers, and directly attach handwritten encouraging messages. After, we go out to public places like Walmart, Target, and Publix to hand these flowers out to strangers in the community. Through these seemingly minimal actions, people are reminded of their capabilities, dignities, and worth. Each rose is a gift of love — a gift that personally encounters each heart in a distinctive way. In effect, we have witnessed strangers of all demographics, religions, ages, and personalities accept seeds of hope as their foundation.

Today, we have sixty members, fifty roses per month, and fully rely on generous donations for the funding of our organization. We are immensely grateful for the support that we have received, and cannot wait to keep blooming into new beginnings, connections, and joys to share with the world.


Starting in the fall of 2019, Blooming Others will be expanding to Florida State University and University of California, Berkeley. In Tallahassee, the group will be led by the new board, while in California, the group will be led by the founder of the organization. We will be designing and ordering more merchandise over the summer, and hope to continue to participate in local events to spread our mission and serve our community.

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“Rejoice with authentic and radiant gratitude.”

- Anonymous